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Frequently Asked Queries (Questions) :-

DC and AC types of Electric Current - Direct current (DC) is produced from the source of energy such as batteries or solar panels. Unfortunately, direct current can’t be carried to over long distances – that is why the main electricity supply we get in our houses is in AC – alternating current.  All of our electronic equipment is made to run on AC because that’s what we get in our main power supply.


Irradiance - The rate at which radiant energy arrives at a specific area of surface during a specific time interval. This is known as radiant flux density.  A typical unit to measure irradiance is watt per square meter - W/M2.  A clear sky provides more irradiance than a cloudy sky, and also, Irradiance is low during Morning and Evening.  Each day of the Year, Irradiance is different.  That is why it assumed as a thumb rule, that on an average 14,000 Units of Electricity is generated by a plant of capacity 10KWp.