Considerations Before Going Solar !

Enterprises have variety of different reasons to go for Solarization of their Rooftop space of Factory, Office, or Land.  Common reasons are Cost Cutting, CSR, Green Image, Commitment to Renewable Energy, etc.  It is highly recommended to ascertain well in advance the actual reason for Solarization.  However, needless to mention, most of the SMEs and other companies opt Solar to cut down on Electricity Expenses, and they are right in their decision.

Below are the factors which directly impact the overall success of the Solar Power Generating System.

A) Place of Installation : rooftop or land mount, the structure or place where installation needs to be carried out, will remain allocated for Solar for next 25+ years.  Although, the expensive parts of the system are modular in nature, which makes them to relocate it with some effort, but still there will be additional cost of Labour, Civil, Mechanical, and other things like, AC & DC wires, etc.

B) Available Space : the rooftop space must be easily accessible, and must be enough to carry out the standard installation.  Roughly, close to 1100 sq ft of space is required for installation of 10KWp system.  This space is with consideration of enough Leg Room for walking, and ensuring the Panel shadows don't cast on others.

C) Alignment of Space : the best direction and shape of the rooftop is one, which allows placement of solar panels in the True South direction.  This ensures, optimized exposure to sun light during Summer and Winter seasons, all round the day.

D) Shadow in Space : the solar panels are supposed to receive direct sunlight.  there is a tree or mumty which casts shadow on one panel, and other panels of the same string is shadow-free, then the performance of the overall string gets reduced.

E) Energy / Power Requirement : there are cases where the site has got huge space available, like a warehouse or C&F, where the rooftop space is very much large, but the captive energy requirement is not that much in relation to the available space.  For example, a C&F may have rooftop space of 30,000 sq ft (good enough for 275 KWp), but the power consumption may be less than 50KWp.  Hence, it is imp to study of the electricity bills to determine how much electricity the enterprise is currently consuming. If the consumption is less, a small solar energy system would suffice and vice versa. Monitor the electrical consumption carefully and set the solar harnessing plan accordingly.

F) Solar Panel Technology or Type : When it comes to choosing a solar panel, these are mainly categorized into two types - Monocrystalline – which has a blackish tinge; and Multi-crystalline (polycrystalline) – which has an overall bluish hue, with the shades of blue differing from cell to cell.  On a larger scale, the types of panels differ from one another, basically either in terms of Size, Technology, Performance, or Durability.  And, there is nothing like one size fits all.  But, still, our recommendation is to go for the panel, which is largely talked about, and easily available at authorized distributor or installer.

G) Economy of the Power Plant : the cost of the complete system, and its individual electrical components vary from Installer to Installer, and from Manufacturer to Manufacturer.  The electrical components of the power plant may have 10 different manufacturers.  For example, Solar Panels from Vikram Solar or Adani Solar or Waaree Solar.  And, Solar PCU from ABB, or from Waaree, or from SMA, Havels, Statcon, Growwat, and many more.  Like, ways the manufacturers are different for Wires, Earthing, LA, Junction Boxes, Protection Devices, etc.   Thus it is advised to look at the Overall Cost and the ROI.

H) Warranty Details : choose the longest warranty available.

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