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Solar Power Solutions - On-Grid & Off-Grid System

Solar power solutions are typically classified as On-Grid and Off-Grid.  The on-grid solution is connected to the Electricity Grid, so that the Load requirement can be fulfilled even during the Cloudy days.  And also, if there is excess of energy generated, then same may be deposited to Electricity Grid for later use.  The off-grid system can not deposit electricity.  Any of these power solutions can be implemented either as Capex or Opex.


Solar power plants are increasingly gaining popularity across a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential sectors due to relatively lower cost of investments and lesser complexities involved in setting up a plant. Several favorable government initiatives like tax benefits, subsidies and net metering policies are giving rise to a demand for rooftop solar projects in India.  With the support of these elements, power solutions for Rooftop Segment is also very successful and economical - Plant installations under ₹ 50,000* per KW within 30 days.

Typically 1 KWp of plant requires about 10 Sq Mt area.  Such power can then be used, either for captive consumption of the premises or can be fed into the grid and be adjusted in the electricity bill. Net metering regulations notified by respective State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs) provide a legal framework for such adjustment.