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Solutions for Intitutions :- Solar installations on Rooftop of Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Training Center, etc.

Educational Institures have got much more benefits of installing solar power plants on their Building rooftops.


Generally, it is unused for most of the time, or even if it is used, then not all the space is utilized.  Solar modules being smaller in size and modular in nature can fit anywhere in the left out spaces, as long as that space is shadow free.

In addition, there are financial benefits also.  Electricity cost is saved primarily.  The maintenance of the project can be done by the existing Maintenance Staff, thus no addition O&M Cost (Opex).  There are other financial benefits which an Education Institure can take.



For details on On Grid and Off Grid solutions, please click here.

  1. Solar Power Photovoltaic Panels – this is usually blue colored panel kept open under the sun.

  2. Solar Grid-Tie Inverter – this is the most intelligent components, which does most of the work.  Like, DC-AC conversion, synchronization of plant with the Power House, managing Power source basis its availability and Load requirement, etc.

  3. DG Set – this is to keep the Plant in running condition, when there is power failure.

  4. Net-Meter – to facilitate and monitor the Import & Export of electricity with Power House.

  5. Solar Structures – mechanical structures made of Mild-Steel (MS) and galvanized to make it Rust-Free.  This structure is fastened on Roof, and then Solar Panels are installed over the structures.

  6. Balance of Systems – Junction Boxes, AD & DC Cables, Cable Ties, Cable Trays, Conduits, Earthing Kit, Lightning Arrester, MCB, Water Proofing chemicals, Remote Monitoring, etc.

Benefits from Solar Power Plant project

  1. Accelerated Depreciation of 40% under Income Tax section 32.

  2. Opportunity to save on Company Expenses for electricity.

  3. Contribute to Green India image and meet CSR objective.

  4. Net Metering exports unused power and later adjusted from the bill.

  5. Investment in Solar is better than Mutual Fund. Even Mutual Fund ROI of 23% is not good enough. Risks associated with Solar is under direct control, while risks with Mutual Fund is out of our control.

  6. As per Building Bylaws, no separate permissions is required for installation of Solar Panel Mounting Structures on rooftop.

Case Example :-  considering close to 5000 sq ft on factory rooftop is available

Our reccomendation based on our experience and market research, is to do the project under Capex model.  Renting out rooftop space (Resco model) is very complex and lengthy process, and it is ment for people, who cant get bank loans or dont have available funds to do investment.

Reccomendations :- 

The plant needs these major and important components:-