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Solutions for SMEs :- Solar power plant installation on Factory's Rooftop.

SME Businesses have got much more benefits of installing solar power plants on their factory or office rooftop.


Generally, rooftop space is unused for most of the time, or even if it is used, generally we have seen that not all the space is utilized. Solar modules being smaller in size and modular in nature can fit anywhere in the left out spaces, as long as that space is shadow free.

In addition, there are financial benefits also.  Electricity cost is saved primarily. The maintenance of the project can be done by the existing Maintenance Staff, thus no addition O&M Cost (Opex). A business can claim Accelerated Depreciation on the cost of the complete Solar Plant project.  As per Section 32 of income tax 40% of AD can be claimed in a financial year.

For details on On Grid and Off Grid solutions, please click here.

Benefits from Solar Power Plant project

  1. Accelerated Depreciation of 40% under Income Tax section 32.

  2. Opportunity to save on Company Expenses for electricity.

  3. Contribute to Green India image and meet CSR objective.

  4. Net Metering exports unused power and later adjusted from the bill.

  5. Investment in Solar is better than Mutual Fund. Even Mutual Fund ROI of 23% is not good enough. Risks associated with Solar is under direct control, while risks with Mutual Fund is out of our control.

  6. As per Building Bylaws, no separate permissions is required for installation of Solar Panel Mounting Structures on rooftop.

Case Example :-  considering close to 5000 sq ft on factory rooftop is available

Our Solutions are Simple to Profit from :-

Consulting Services

We can work on contract with you to provide end-to-end technical understanding for setting up the solar power plant for your own Factory's Rooftop.  Thereby, you may use your existing in-house experts for Design, Purchase, Logistics, Installation, O&M, etc.  This way you may save huge cost on setting up the power plant.  Service contract period can be as per your requirements.

Consulting & Design Services

In addition to the complete consulting work, you may also leverage our own design team, who are expert in Solar power plant designs, which includes Electrical, Mechanical and Civil works.  Rest of the works from Purchase to O&M can be done via your own existing in-house experts.  This way you may save huge cost on setting up the power plant.  The service contract period can be as per your requirements.

Design, Supply, Installation, Testing

We can also provide contracted EPC service, where we would take care of complete line of services.  It will include Design, Procurement, Installation, Testing, and O&M.  This way you can save considerable amount of time, as the complete project will be planned and executed by our own team, while you would continue to have detailed visibility on progress of the project.